Pressure Clean, LLC: Professional Kitchen Exhaust Hood and Duct Cleaning Services

Every year, Restaurant fires lead to lots of property losses, harm customers, and sometimes people lose their lives. Over 21% of restaurant fires in the USA are caused by grease buildup in the exhaust hood and duct. This makes keeping your Kitchen Exhaust Hood and Duct clean and grease-free essential.

At Pressure Clean, LLC, our dedicated team provides the best kitchen exhaust hood and duct cleaning services to businesses across the region. We ensure your kitchen’s safety, compliance, and hygiene with our experience, skills, and cutting-edge equipment.

Clears Blockage:

There is more than just smoke escaping from your kitchen’s exhaust hood. Grease and particle formation are also frequent, and they can cause blockage! Our duct cleaning services remove this blockage and restore airflow. It also reduces your exhaust system’s chances of failure.

Minimize Health Hazards:

Without proper cleaning, your kitchen exhaust hood becomes the home of harmful microbes. The grease buildup stimulates the growth of mold, mildew, and other microorganisms that should not be near food! A complete kitchen exhaust hood and duct cleaning eradicate them.

Compliances With the Law:

The law mandates that all commercial cooking facilities in the nation clean their kitchen exhaust ducts. If your restaurant has been inspected and your exhaust system is still dirty, you’re at risk for failure. You might have to pay a penalty despite having a clean kitchen.

Why Choose Us For Kitchen Exhaust Hood and Duct Cleaning Services:

Experience and Expertise: We’ve got three decades in this trade under our belt. We own important skills and handy cleaning plans that suit all kinds of professional kitchens.

Compliance Assurance: With our best duct cleaning services, we ensure that your kitchen meets all health and safety requirements. With our services, you can escape from potential fines and penalties.

Advanced Equipment: We use advanced equipment to deliver superior cleaning results efficiently and effectively. With our tools, we can reach the inaccessible area, leaving no grease or residue behind.

Customized Solutions: Each kitchen is unique. This is why our action plans are tailored for each. Whether it is a deep clean once or regular cleaning, we’re here for you.

Reliability and Professionalism: Our team is skilled and dependable and pays attention to tiny details. We’re geared up to serve you best. Count on us to finish tasks on time and within your set budget.

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